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IMG_3513.JPGJiaguo Qi


 Email: qi(at)

Office: 517-432-4792

A Spartan since 1998, Qi was appointed the Director of the Office of China Programs (OCP) in 2016. Qi is also serving as the Director of MSU's Center for Global Change & Earth Observations (CGCEO) in the College of Social Science, as well as the Director of the Environmental Science and Policy Program.


IMG_7386 (1).JPGXinyu Wu


 Email: xinyuwu(at)

Office: 517-884-2173

Xinyu Wu has been in the field of International Education since 2000 and has a strong reputation in establishing and managing collaborative links with internationally reputable universities around the world, including many universities in China. She was appointed as Co-Director of the Office of China Programs (OCP) in 2018. Wu is also the Director of the Visiting International Professional Program (VIPP) at MSU.


Picture1.pngJennifer Wargo

Deputy Director

 Email: pippinj1(at)

Office: 517-432-4792

Jennifer Wargo started at MSU in 2016 after eight years of teaching and school administration in China, South Korea, and the United States. She was appointed as Deputy Director of the Office of China Programs (OCP) in fall 2018. Wargo is also the Outreach Coordinator for the Asian Studies Center at MSU.

Jennifer Wargo(韦灵简)在中国,韩国和美国有着8年的教学和学校管理经验,她于2016年开始在密西根州立大学工作,2018年秋被任命为中国事务办公室(OCP)的副主任。同时,Wargo还是密西根州立大学亚洲研究中心的外联协调人员。

Picture1.jpgShan He (Jimmy)

Beijing Office, Director of Employer Relations 


Email: heshan(at)

Office: (010) 8517-9052

Shan He earned his undergraduate degree from Minzu University of China in English language and literature, and earned a master's degree in law from Michigan State University. After working as a paralegal in the United States, Shan returned to China. He joined the Office of China Program's (OCP) Beijing Office in 2016.

和杉在中央民族大学获得英语语言文学学士学位, 并在密西根州立大学获得法学硕士学位。 回中国前,曾在美国担任律师助理。 他于2016年加入密西根州立大学中国事务办公室。

spartan-helmet-og.pngJing Luo

Beijing Office, Director of Marketing and Recruitment 


Email: jing.luo(at)

Office: (010) 8517-9052

Jing Luo graduated from the University of Vermont with a Master's Degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs in 2014. She worked at Miami University to support thousands of international students' transition and engagement from 2014 to 2018. She loves working with postsecondary students and finds her passion in the international education field. In her current role, she is very happy to help prospective students find their place and succeed at Michigan State University.


1798393842.jpgHaoran Liu

Communications Intern

 Email: liuhaor1(at)

Office: 517-432-4792

Haoran Liu is an international student from China. He has a strong interest in international relationships. He is the Director of Public Relations for MSU International Students Association, a resident assistant for Akers Hall, and a staff of MSU’s Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS). In 2018, he started working at the MSU Office of China Programs as the Communications Intern.


Picture1.jpgRoberto Xu

Communications Intern

 Email: xurobert(at)

Office: 517-884-2122

Roberto Xu is a Michigan State University (MSU) student majoring in Advertising and Public Relations. Roberto has had social media and advertising internships, both in China and the United States. He is the Director of Design for Chinese Undergraduate Students Association (CUSA) at MSU. In summer 2019, he started working at the MSU Office of China Programs as a Communications Intern.

徐明波是密西根州立大学3年级本科在校生, 主修广告和公众关系。 曾担任过社交媒体和广告实习生。 他是目前密西根州立大学中国本科学生会的设计部部长。2019年夏,他开始在密西根州立大学中国事务办公室担任媒体通信实习生。