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Education Abroad in China


Have you wondered what it is like to study in one of the C9 League universities (the Chinese equivalent to Ivy League universities in the USA) and in a city known as the "Ice Wonderland" of China?

MSU offers flexible study abroad options at the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), a C9 institution with faculty and staff who have extensive experience working with international students.

A picture of ice scupltures backlit by colored lights.The HIT is located in Harbin, the tenth largest city in the Northeastern part of China with a population of over 10 million. Harbin is winter destination renowned for its all-year-long attractions including astonishing ice and snow sculptures, winter festivals, skiing resorts, winter swimming parties as well as its ties to Euro-Russian architecture and cuisine.


You have three options to study at the HIT: 

  • A summer study co-led by an MSU faculty for eight weeks.
  • A semester-long study that runs for three months.
  • A year-long study.

Each program features 20 hours of Chinese-intensive language classes per week in addition to a wide range of cultural workshops. Depending on availability, you could pair up with a native Chinese student to practice your Mandarin and to experience China the local way.


If you feel the adventure is calling and you want to learn more about these amazing programs (including curricular details and tuition/fee information for the programs), contact Max Chappuis (chappui1(at) Coordinator for the MSU Office for Education Abroad.