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The Office of China Program (OCP) was established in July 2005 to promote and facilitate MSU’s engagement with China.

As a leading international research university, MSU strives to work with partners around the world to co-develop knowledge and solutions to solve world-grant challenges. Partnership is at the heart of our international engagement.

To consolidate MSU’s commitment to China, the university created our China-based team in Beijing in 2006; the team provides the university with significant opportunities for faculty and student exchange, joint research, education abroad, program recruitment, and local alumni support.


OCP identifies, facilitates, and serves major MSU campus-wide missions in China. We aspire to be the China-related resource for the Spartan community. We play leadership roles to drive the development of four strategic priorities.


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Research Engagement

  • Encourage and assist innovative, cross-disciplinary research partnership development by connecting MSU faculty to relevant Chinese institutions.
  • Advise and coordinate the establishment of formal relationships and agreements.
  • Synergize and energize existing collaborations.

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Student Recruitment

  • Actively engage with local feeder schools and universities for both undergraduate and graduate recruitment.
  • Establish and manage education partnerships with top Chinese universities for both undergraduate and graduate recruitment.
  • Establish and maintain multi-media communication channels to promote MSU in China.

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Education and Training

  • Identify non-degree credit or non-credit based education and training opportunities to expand MSU’s educational reach.
  • Provide learning opportunities about China to the local MSU community.
  • Support and enhance education abroad programs to China.
  • Explore China-based innovative academic activities to enhance MSU branding.

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Employment and Alumni

  • Proactively network with employers as well as headhunters to secure internship and job opportunities for MSU students and alumni.
  • Support and facilitate alumni events and advancement activities in China.
  • Support MSU partnerships and networks in China, including university, government, corporate, alumni, and parents.