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Asian Universities Alliance (AUA) Summit 2018 Held in Hainan

The Asian University Alliance (AUA) Summit 2018 was held in Hainan, China from April 8 – April 10, 2018. Representatives from 15 member universities were invited to attend. Qiu Yong, the President of Tsinghua University and Founding Chairman of the AUA, lead the discussion with the representatives on important issues of the alliance.


Higher Education Leading International Development Effort

In September 2017, Sichuan University welcomed a group of government officials from Guinea. The delegation came to Sichuan University for a short-term training program on government administration and affairs. During the same time, a team of Sichuan University research scholars and administrators went to Nepal to share development experiences with their counterparts in Nepal.


Education Reform and Transformation in China in the New Era

The 19th CPC Congress report explicitly pointed out that China will “speed up the modernization of education” and “provide better online education.” With the development and application of modern science and technology such as cloud computing, big data, Internet, and artificial intelligence, the structure and shape of education and the teaching system are undergoing changes and transformations, and a new educational concept and mode-wisdom education is gradually formed.

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Two Conferences: Deputy to the National People’s Congress He Binsheng: "Reducing Burdens" for Private Education

He Binsheng recommended the classification management of private education in the two national conferences in 2013. Since then, there have been many opinions concerning this issue. He submitted proposals to remove the discrimination of private education and to eliminate the gap between private and public organizations.

4e4a20a4462309f71fef3cc77b0e0cf3d6cad667.jpgAsian University Alliance Established

The alliance proposed by Tsinghua University will
not limit to any specific areas.  It includes scientific research, education, academic and other panoramic all-round promotion of Asia's higher education.

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19th CPC Congress Report: Giving Priority to Education

At the 19th National Congress of China’s Communist Party, President Xi Jinping declared that the CPC should give priority to developing education, and that strengthening education is fundamental to the Chinese pursuit of national rejuvenation.


46 China’s Colleges and Universities Will Change their Names.

46 of China’s colleges and universities will change their names. 21 vocational colleges changed their names to ‘college’ to upgrade their educational institution level, 16 colleges changed their names into ‘university’ to become comprehensive educational institutes


China Will Establish the Asia-Pacific Graduate Education Center by 2020

China’s Education Ministry said that by the year 2020, China will establish the Asia-Pacific Graduate Education Center in order to promote the development of graduate education, including reaching a number of 2.9 million graduate students in total


“Ten Major Scientific and Technological Progress of China’s Colleges and Universities” Awards Released in Beijing.

The Science and Technology Commission of China’s Ministry of Education released the “Ten Major Scientific and Technological Progress of China’s Colleges and Universities” in Beijing


Tsinghua University Initiated a Talent Training Program for its “Global Strategy”.

Tsinghua University will build 20 graduate programs that are totally taught in English, 43 joint graduate students programs, as well as open 38 courses of international organizations and international governance, with which students can do a double degree, a minor degree, and get program certificates.


490 High-quality Courses are registered for MOOC Courses in China.

The Ministry of Education of China announced 490 high-quality courses that are registered for MOOC courses in China, including general public courses, foundation and core courses of different majors. Of the 490 courses, 344 courses, around 70.2%, are from Tsinghua University, Peking University, Wuhan University, Harbin Technology Institute.


Student Affairs Center Covers all Colleges and Universities in Zhejiang

As one of the practical projects in Zhejiang Province, the Student Affairs Center has now covered all 101 colleges and universities, handled over 2.3 million issues, with student satisfaction rates over 97%.


The Number of Football Admissions Colleges and Universities Increased from 77 to 152 in 2018.

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the list of colleges and universities that are eligible for the high-level sports teams in 2018, a total of 279 universities and 28 projects. Among them, colleges and universities that qualify for campus football increased from 77 to 152 in 2018, nearly 100%.

10onlineeduchina1.jpgWeChat Applied Education Alliance of Chinese Universities was Established

By the Ministry of Education Software Engineering Instruction Committee, Computer Professional Teaching Guidance Committee, Tencent Wechat, the Ministry of Education Online Education Research Center jointly launched the “WeChat Education Alliance of Chinese Universities," and was established in January 2018 in Beijing.


MOOC Alliance was established to make higher education in China more international.

The MOOC Alliance was launched by Beijing Foreign Studies University, which consists of many foreign language institutions across the country. This alliance was established in Beijing in December 2017. MOOC, a large-scale open online course, is a popular mode of higher education nowadays.

4-美国圣路易斯华盛顿大学签约.jpgChinese Higher Education and One Belt One Road Initiative

China's education, especially higher education can play its own special role in the One Belt One Road Initiative.