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MSU-NAU Initiative

As part of the Asia Hub concept and the first OCP initiative of ISP, in collaboration with colleges such as College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), College of Engineering, College of Social Science (CSS),  College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM), and Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) in China entered a new era of partnership. The MSU-NAU Initiative builds upon existing collaborative relationship, mutual interests, and similar missions and visions of the two institutions. The new initiative entails two major components, a joint research platform for Asia Hub research and a joint effort for undergraduate and graduate education.

A Joint Research Platform for Asia Hub at NAU

Building upon the research strengths of both MSU and NAU, and aligning with international research priorities in Asia, the two institutions have agreed to establish an Asia Hub office on NAU campus as outlined in the Asia Hub Concept. The NAU will provide physical space and financial support. There will be a leadership team with representatives from MSU, NAU, and Southeast Asia.  As its initial phase, there will be a call for proposals to specifically solicit collaborative projects for MSU and NAU faculty, as well as with faculty from Lower Mekong River Basin countries. These research projects would bring benefits to MSU by increasing funding for MSU faculty research, increasing faculty exchange, promoting MSU’s regional leadership in core research areas, and enabling a much broader regional network for MSU faculty to engage in international research collaborations. 

Joint Dual Degree Programs

The MSU-NAU initiative includes joint degree programs at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The Dual Degree Program (DDP) is intended to recruit talented students into two pilot majors with courses on NAU campus in the first phase and then come to MSU to continue their course work. The courses to be taught will be a combination of MSU’s faculty taught at NAU, MSU online courses, or courses on MSU campus or on NAU campus that are recognized by MSU and NAU.