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4-美国圣路易斯华盛顿大学签约.jpgChinese Higher Education and One Belt One Road Initiative


China's education, especially higher education can play its own special role in the One Belt One Road Initiative.

4e4a20a4462309f71fef3cc77b0e0cf3d6cad667.jpgAsian University Alliance Established


The alliance proposed by Tsinghua University will
not limit to any specific areas.  It includes scientific research, education, academic and other panoramic all-round promotion of Asia's higher education.


Higher Education Leading International Development Effort

In September 2017, Sichuan University welcomed a group of government officials from Guinea. The delegation came to Sichuan University for a short-term training program on government administration and affairs. During the same time, a team of Sichuan University research scholars and administrators went to Nepal to share development experiences with their counterparts in Nepal.