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side-by-side_chinese-umbrellas.jpgAsia Hub

Building upon its long history of Asian Studies, partnership with many institutions, foundational work by the Office of China Programs, and on-going research collaborations with faculty in many countries in Asia, MSU has entered a new phase of collaboration motion; moving beyond individual effort to a coordinated, leadership and holistic system endeavor, which is required to solve those emerging challenges in the new era of globalization.

side-by-side_dragon-kite.jpgOne Health

One Health is a comprehensive approach to deal with health issues that humans, animals, and the environment face today.

side-by-side_dragon-door.jpgMSU-NAU Initiative

As part of the Asia Hub concept and the first OCP initiative of ISP, in collaboration with colleges such as College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR), College of Engineering, College of Social Science (CSS),  College of Osteopathic Medicine (COM), and Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU) in China entered a new era of partnership. The MSU-NAU Initiative builds upon existing collaborative relationship, mutual interests, and similar missions and visions of the two institutions. The new initiative entails two major components, a joint research platform for Asia Hub research and a joint effort for undergraduate and graduate education.

side-by-side_tulips.jpg3+1+X Master's Program

The 3+1+X Master's Degree Program is a specifically designed master's degree program for senior undergraduate students of Sichuan University and Zhejiang University.