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Program Overview

The 3+1+X Master's Degree Program is a specifically designed master's degree program for senior undergraduate students of Sichuan University and Zhejiang University of China.

What is 3+1+X?

"3" means qualified students will be admitted to MSU graduate programs after they complete three years of undergraduate study at Sichuan University and Zhejiang University.

"1" refers to the first year of study in a MSU graduate program, which also will be counted as the student's final year of undergraduate study at Sichuan University or Zhejiang University. Students will be granted their home university undergraduate diploma after they complete the first year of study at MSU.

"X" means students will need one additional year (or more, depending on their major) to complete their master's degree studies and/or move on to a doctoral program.

What MSU graduate programs are participating in 3+1+X?

  • Construction Management (MS, Major Code: 5260)
  • Geography (MS, Major Code: 7669)
  • Human Resources & Labor Relations (MLHR, Major Code: 7650)
  • International Planning Studies (MIPS, Major Code: 7623)
  • Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis (MS, Major Code: 7673)
  • Public Policy (MPP, Major Code: 7624)
  • Urban and Regional Planning (MURP, Major Code: 7619)

Application Requirements

If you want to apply for a 3+1+X Master's Degree, please contact the International Office of your university for details. When applying, you are expected to submit:

  • A statement of purpose
  • Resume
  • Official Transcript from Sichuan University or Zhejiang University
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • A bank statement and affidavit of support
  • MSU online application
  • MSU department online application (depending on your program)
  • TOEFL (minimum 80)
  • GRE Scores

All documents must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and the department you are applying for.


The 3+1+X Master's Programs are organized between MSU and the two partner universities of Sichuan University and Zhejiang University.

While any student is welcome to inquire about the programs, the students who will likely benefit most are those currently studying in programs such as:

  • Sociology
  • Public Administration
  • Economics
  • English
  • Tourism and Eco-tourism
  • International Studies
  • History, Culture and Tourism
  • Engineering
  • Human Resource Management
  • Urban Planning and Land Management
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Studies


  • A fast track in a graduate program.
  • The Program is financially economical due to its fast track.
  • Opportunities for U.S. internships and MSU study abroad programs.
  • Access to distinguished faculty in various colleges at MSU.


Jennifer Pippin
Office Of China Programs
Deputy Director